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Serving Our Community

Located in Ashland, Montana, Warrior Meat Company serves as a strong bridge between Northern Cheyenne meat producers and the community families we serve. 

For you hard working ranchers tired of waiting to get your beef into overscheduled and costly long distance processing plants- we bring our mobile processing unit right to your operation. COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the already critical need to find a better, more affordable and time efficient way to get animals processed and meat on the shelves. We are here to meet that need for our local producers.


You can avoid having to haul animals a long distance, which is costly in gas and time, and avoid worrying about declining quality of the meat because the animals are stressed by the time they get where they’re going.  We give you more time with your operation and more money in your pocket.

Consumers are increasingly interested in buying food that’s raised and processed locally.  They will know that their meat is fresher because our meat products are processed sooner and higher quality because the animals are less stressed. (Studies have shown that stress causes the quality of the meat to go down.)


Many of today's producers and consumers are also interested in environmental sustainability. Our mobile unit eliminates the environmental cost of long hauling and the consumption of precious resources.

 Quality Meat
Raised Locally

Mobile Processing

 Affordable Wholesale and Retail Prices

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